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On Friday, 3rd May 2019, a university student of English and Literature department, Adab and Humanities Faculty, Islamic State University of Alauddin Makassar had an agenda to visit the official Office Tribun Timur news at Cendrawasih Street. There were 120 students in the fourth semester engaged the agenda. Their activity was to have a sharing session and watching the editorial staff office directly. Furthermore, our lecturer, Mr. Taufik, opened the sharing session.

 Mr. Taufik invited the speaker from Tribun Timur, namely Mr. Ronald. He is a deputy chief editor of Tribun Timur news. There were some important things that were he conveyed, but one of them is the percentage of reading interest in the newspaper. He claimed that only 6% of people around the world are interested in reading newspapers. It means that the level of reading interest of newspapers is very low degree. In dealing with that problem, Tribun Timur developed an innovation to establish online newspapers, so that Tribun Timur can be present until now.

At the time sharing session, the students enjoyed the session, even they also took a video as evidence. Especially in Q&A (Read: Question and Answer) session. There were four students rose up their hand to ask some questions, and answered directly by the speaker. After that, the students walked to the Editorial staff office to know how to publish news into the web. The students were very interested, and at the end of the agenda, they were taking some photos together.

Writer: Rafika Nur Dzakira Ibrahim

Student Reg. No. : 40300117081

Class group: AG 4 

Editor: Admin of BSI Website


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