The Socialization of the Position and Function of FAH Quality Assurance (KPM & GPM)

  • 17 Februari 2023
  • 12:23 WITA
  • Administrator
  • Berita

On Friday, 17 February 2023 GPM BSI participated in a meeting on Socialization of the Position and Function of FAH Quality Assurance. All components of the leaders attended this activity within the faculty scope to generalize perceptions and one vision and mission in developing a faculty quality assurance framework.

One of the main discussion points at the meeting involved KPM and GPM in activities carried out by departments and faculty, in this case, KPM at the faculty and GPM at the department levels. All activities carried out by faculty and departments require monitoring and evaluation. Therefore, having KPM and GPM involved in each activity can help the monitoring and evaluation process. One form of KPM and GPM involvement is entering into the SK committee for each activity.

The expected results of the ongoing monitoring and evaluation process in faculty and departments are that it will make it easier to measure production targets according to the strategic plan and will later support accreditation.

Writer : Mulki