• 16 Mei 2023
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Dalang Publishing which is organized by Lian Gouw conducted Talk Show program with the theme “ Bincang Sastra dan Terjemahan Kisah Sulawesi Untuk Dunia” cooperated with English and Literature Department Faculty of Adab and Humanities on 15th May 3023 in the LT room of faculty. This program organized by the committee who are the English and Literature Department, Sandra Dewi Dahlan, S.Pd.M.Pd. as the head of committee  and also as the master of Ceremony, while Waode Surya Darmadali as the moderator. In the opening session that was delivered by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. A. Ibrahim, S,Ag., S.Si., M.Ag., he  welcomed enthusiastically this program and highly thanked to Dalang Publishing which has given opportunity to local writers to publish internationally their works. It will contribute in introducing local tales and local wisdom as well to young generation and to the world specially in promoting Buginese and Makasarese story tales. It also afford a benefit to the cultural preservation that have been being encouraged by Indonesian government at the current time.

 The program invited Lian Gouw  who is the owner of Dalang Publishing, she is interested in promoting Indonesian writers specially who write local story tales from various regions.  The story tales are translated into English then published in her publisher. In addition, she also plays an important role in reviewing them in order to produce good translation and fulfilling the equivalence of every word based on Indonesian standard. It is also presented Dr. Umar Thamrin, S.Ag., M.Hum. as the writer of Cenning Rara” and also the lecturer of English and Literature Department UIN ALauddin,   Andi batara Isra as the writer of ‘Mengenang Padewakkang” and the Lecturer of Cultural Sciences Faculty Hasanuddin University, Makassar,  Junaedi Setiyono as the translator and the lecturer of Muhammdiyah University Purworejo. Central Java. Thus, it was also released the book “Napak Tilas” published by Dalang Publishing in 2022 that contained some literary works namely the local tales from many Indonesian writes. It hopes that the book can enrich local literacies and grow high interest for young generation to love the local literary works.

(Jumharia Dj.)