Studium General FAH UIN Alauddin Presents Keynote Speaker from St Andrews University-England

  • 07 November 2023
  • 03:39 WITA
  • Administrator
  • Berita

Adab and Humanities of Faculty (FAH) UIN Alauddin Makassar held a Studium General event entitled "Integration of South Asia within Southeast Asian Tradition" Tuesday 7 November 2023. This event was attended by FAH students and lecturers with the intention of expanding knowledge and understanding of current topics in the world of Language and Culture.

Adab and Humanities of Faculty, UIN Alauddin Makassar invited a keynote Speaker, Dr. Abbas Panakkal from the History Department of the University of St Andrews-England.  He is an expert in the fields of Integration, Indigenization, Language, Religion, and Intercultural cooperation. In his presentation, which was moderated by Dr. Nasrum, M.A. explained the Indianization of Southeast Asia, namely the process of spreading Indian culture in the Southeast Asian region which began in the 1st century AD. He interpreted the term Indianization as the expansion of an organized culture based on the existing kingdom system in India with characteristics of the influence of Hinduism and Buddhism.  He also touched on the influence of Arabic culture and language absorbed by countries in Southeast Asia.  He closed his presentation by explaining that the word "Java" comes from the word Sriwijaya and the word “Sumatra” comes from the word Samudra, the target is the kingdom of Samudra Pasai.

Dean of Adab and Humanities Faculty, Dr. Barsihannor, M.Ag in his speech opening the activity said that he hoped that Dr. Abbas Panakkal can provide new information and knowledge for Studium General participants “We hope Dr. Abbas can become a partner of FAH, not only here as a Studium General speaker but can also become a collaboration partner in the field of the Tridharma of higher education, including in international level research collaborations" recalled the Dean of these two periods. At the end of the keynote speaker Dr. Abbas Panakkal donated 70 examples of books with 2 titles to the FAH Library with the title Indianization of Islam: State and Society and another book entitled Islam Matrialkal written in Arabic.

Writter: Sandra Dewi Dahlan