Community Engagement in Kajang, Bulukumba, 2020

  • 30 November 2020
  • 11:03 WITA
  • Administrator
  • Berita

English and Literature Department held a Community Engagement in Bulukumba for 3 days, from 26-28 November 2020. More than 30 people joined the program, not only the lecturers, but also students and several staffs. On 26 November the group went to Kajang, which is a cult that still lives in traditional ways. That afternoon the group met the Amatoa, the head of the society, and made an intense discussion about how the life in Kajang, the norms, myths and values they believed in everyday life. The group also went to “Rumah Baca” that was founded by the young locals there and some lecturers have also donated several books to that small library.

The next day on November 27, several agendas were executed. The lecturers and students carried out Story Telling at SDN 348 Bulukumba and the activity was coordinated by Mr. Nasrum, M.A, Syahruni Junaid, M.Pd, Dr. Faidah, M.Pd, Dr. Muh. Taufik, M.Hum, Nahdhiyah, M.Pd, Helmy Syukur, M.Pd, Ahmad, M. Litt, Sandra Dewi Dahlan, M.A, Dr. Nury Emmiyati, M.Pd and Dr. Serliah Nur, M.Ed. The last day, the group made a small “Bakti Sosial” by taking trashes and plastic bags out of Bira beach shore. All the programs were successfully executed, thanks to the head of the program, Dr. H. Dahlan, M.Hum who had coordinated all the agendas greatly.

Written By Hj. Nahdhiyah, S.S., M.Pd