Meeting of English language and literature lecturers for the 2023/2024 work program

  • 27 Oktober 2023
  • 03:23 WITA
  • Administrator
  • Berita

 Monday, 23 October 2023 - Several English Language and Literature lecturers attended today's meeting to discuss the 2023/2024 curriculum work program. This will be a new foundation for the development of the English Language and Literature Department in the future. A total of 11 lecturers attended to discuss what programs can foster the potential of students and lecturers. The results of the meeting as a 2023 work program include, among others, providing an increase in achievement for English language and literature students by holding an English Competition: news anchor and narrative essay in November and also conducting interaction activities with the community, namely carrying out community service activities in November. As for the work program in 2024: carry out activities to improve students' abilities in the scope of academic writing by making Academic Writing Practicum activities: Lecturer Capacity Building (Publication/Professorship) in March and making practicum activities to improve student language competence (Coaching Clinic for Scholarship).

Writer: Sandra Dewi Dahlan