Enlite Fest 2022

  • 19 Juli 2022
  • 02:50 WITA
  • Administrator
  • Berita

English Language and Literature Department, Faculty of Adab and Humanities UIN Alauddin Makassar, held an Enlite Fest “22, with the theme 'Stories in the Universe' Sunday (17/7/2022). The seminar was held in a hybrid manner, face-to-face at the Darma Wanita building, Gowa, and broadcast on the YouTube platform. This activity is a part of the English Literature Exhibition (ELE) which was held to commemorate the anniversary of the English Language and Literature department and to take the final grades of 3 courses, English drama, Poetry and Prose. The organizing committee for the activity consisted of lecturers in English Language and Literature courses, the Faculty of Adab and Humanities and students from class of 2019.

This seminar presented 2 speakers related to language and literature and Dr. Nasrum, S.Pd., MA. As a moderator. Dr. Ratun Untoro, M.Hum., from the DIY Yogyakarta Language Center is present online with material on the Role of Language and Literature in Efforts to Preserve Culture in the Digital Age. Meanwhile, for the second speaker, Dr. Aslan Abidin, S.S., MA., lecturer at the UNM Makassar literature study program who presented Literature material on Social Media. "I think this seminar is very useful for us, today's students, because along with the development of social media, many works have been published so it is necessary for us to know the things that need to be considered in the publication" responded one student. Regarding cultural preservation, the seminar also discussed the use of the local language as part of the culture, which is expected to be preserved by today's younger generation.