General Lecture in Faculty of Adab and Humanities presents the theme

  • 02 Maret 2023
  • 02:56 WITA
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Faculty of Adab and Humanities conducts the general lecture in the Lecture Theatre on March 3, 2023 which presents the topic " Agama, Budaya dan Pendidikan Anti Korupsi". This event is conducted on hybrid and opened officially by the Dean of Faculty Adab and Humanities Dr. Hasyim Haddade, M.Ag. and invites Djusman AR, SH., SE., M.Si. as the speaker. It is also attended by the Vice Rector for Partnerships Prof. Dr. Kamaluddin Abunawas, M.Ag., Heads and Secretaries of all departments in the faculty, also some students as representatives from departments also participate in this event, some others join on virtual via zoom. 

This theme is intentionally presented to grow good behavior and attitude among students specially character such as discipline, hard-working, responsible and honest. 

Moreover, he introduces what corruption is and states that identifying and handling corruption cases should present law institute and religion institute as well. It is important to keep honesty values in our life.

Thus,  the next presenter is Dr. Wahyuddin G,  M.Pd. explains relation between religion and culture which mutually reinforcing, those are: honest, brave, smart, firm and respect others, humble, loyal and leave everything to God as they are popularly known as local wisdom among societies in South Sulawesi. 

Finally,  this event hopefully may prepare students to study at the Even Semester 2022/2023. 

Writer : Jumharia Djamereng