The 95th Graduation and Informal-Gathering of Faculty Adab and Humanties in Four Points by Sheraton hotel Makassar.

  • 21 Maret 2023
  • 02:29 WITA
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  • Berita

The 95th Graduation and Informal-Gathering event  had been conducted in Four Points by Sheraton hotel Makassar on March 20, 2023. This event was officially opened by the Dean of Faculty of Adab and Humanities, Dr. Hasyim Haddade, M.Ag. and attended by the head and secretary of all departments in the faculty, namely: Arabic and Literature Department, Islamic Civilization History and Library Science Department. The bachelor’s parents were also invited to participate in this event in order they could can watch the bachelors accepted their qualification as parents felt happy for the final achievement of their son/daughter. This event is carried out periodically in every graduation program with the aim of gratefully expression that they have entrusted their son/daughter to study at this campus.

This period released 81graduates  that had finished their study from the four departments at this faculty. Dr. A. Ibrahim, S.Ag.,SS., M.Pd. as the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and also as the head of committee reported number of graduates were 81 in which 17 from Arabic and Literature department, 25 graduates from Islamic Civilization History Department, 12 Library Science Department’ graduates, and English and Literature Department resulted 27 graduates. In this moment, he conveyed his gratitude to all graduates as they had experienced a long struggling and hard-working since they were studying at UIN Alauddin until finishing their study.

The best graduate in English and Literature department in this period was addressed to Risqah (GPA; 3.97) who had finished her study for 4 years and  4 months. Thus, the 2nd best graduates was Indah Fatamorgana (GPA; 3.84) who also has finished her study for 4 years and 4 months while Endang Dwi Indriawati (GPA:3.83) placed the 3rd position and finished her study for the same time period. In his closing speech, Dr. Hasyim Haddade, M.Ag. reminded all graduates that this phase was not the end of struggling, but it was the beginning to continue their competition, they may have 2 choices by continuing their study to higher level or seeking job opportunity.


(Jumharia Djamereng)