Risqah, The 1st graduate for the 95th Graduation event on February 21, 2023

  • 29 Maret 2023
  • 11:17 WITA
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The 1st graduate for the 95th Graduation in Faculty of Adab and Humanities was addressed to Risqah who was the students from English and Literature Department. She born in Malaysia on May 27th , 1999. During her studies, apart from being active in class, she joined several organizations that related to subjects, such as ECUINSA, MABBICARA and Makassar Agora Speakers. All those organizations contributed to enrich knowledge especially in English. She added, “Those activities helped me also to manage my time, build relationships and many more”. Besides joining some organizations, she also had participated in some English competitions, as on November in 2018, she won as the third winner of English speech (Varsity) that was held by ECUINSA. The next year on January in 2019, she won speech competition for the second time as the second runner up at Muhammadiyah University of Makassar and joined PIBA competition which held by Ma’had Aljamiah Uin Alauddin Makassar. Again, she won speech competition for the third time as the second winner. Finally she won as the first winner with team in Cerdas Cermat English competition.

Thus, she has been joining a startup-edutech which was called Zona English since 2021 till now. Zona English is an English course but has an application in Play store similar with Ruang Guru. She was involved in the course as the marketing team. At recent time, she was entrusted to manage two branches of the Zona English course in Makassar, namely the office that are located  at Pallangga and others in Jl. Abdullah Dg. Sirua. While working as manager, she is still  teaching English in this course. “Alhamdulillah I got my salary before my graduation, I got work before my graduation, I’m so happy,” she closed interview.