English and Literature Department Leading to Excellent Accreditation

  • 12 Oktober 2020
  • 12:00 WITA
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English and literature department conducted mentoring of accreditation forms for 9 criteria on 12th October 2020. This activity was attended by the chairman and the team of quality assurance agency Alauddin Islamic state university, deans, and all vice deans of Adab and Humanities Faculty as well as most of the English and literature accreditation form teams. it was done in preparation for filling out the accreditation forms. Prof. Ahmad Abubakar as the chairman of the quality assurance agency said that 4 main things must be fulfilled in the accreditation form criteria 9 to get excellent accreditation. The first was the permanent lecturers of the study program must be following the number of students, currently, there are 14 lecturers and 701 students who are registered in the higher education data system.

secondly, it was the curriculum that should be revised at least once every 5 years, apart from having to be based on the Indonesian National Curriculum Framework, the English language and literature curriculum must also be integrated into the independent learning curriculum. This is important because it was a national program of the ministry and culture of Indonesia, so one of the assessment criteria is the integration of the independent learning concept into the learning process.

 the third was the internal quality assurance system which must be active and control all systems that are running in the direction. in general, the quality assurance system was a process that ensures that all characteristics run according to standards through academic documents. the quality of assurance committee which was formed by the faculty. it has the most important role in this case, which must actively evaluate and control all processes carried out in the department.

fourth, the important thing was the outcome or achievement of the study program, which meant that the user satisfaction of the alumni. the sooner the alumni get a job, the better the quality of the study program. tracer alumni were needed to ensure that they get jobs based on English and literature’s competence.

 as a closing statement, the dean of adab and humanities the faculty, Dr. Hasyim Haddade advised the entire team to maximize their efforts so that the English and literature can get excellent accreditation in 2021.

By Nirwana, M.Pd.

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