Webinar "PENTAS SASTRA ANAK 2022(Service Learning Project)"

  • 05 Januari 2022
  • 02:09 WITA
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  • Berita

Students of Alauddin State University of Makassar, English and Literature Department, class AG 1-2, 2019 Generations held a webinar.

This webinar, which will be held on Sunday,January 2nd,2022. The activity is "PENTAS SASTRA ANAK 2022 (Service Learning Project)" with 2 speakers one of them is Sunan Ampel State University of Surabaya Mrs. Sufi Ikrima Saa'dah, M. Hum, and a lectrurer of Alauddin State University of Makassar Mrs.Syahruni Junaid, S.S., M.Pd. with talkshow "Internalizing Character through Children Literature".
This webinar was successfully and gave interesting knowledge about Children's Literature.

The Virtual Shows:
- Drama Performance : Garis Darah Dongga
- Story Telling
- Chain poem
- Individual Poem