Accreditation team improves understanding of the internal quality assurance system (SPMI)

  • 10 Februari 2021
  • 11:07 WITA
  • Administrator
  • Berita

Tuesday, February 9, 2021. The accreditation team for the self-evaluation sheet of the English and Literature study program deepens their understanding of SPMI. This activity was guided directly by the Deputy Dean III of Adab and Humanities Faculty, H. Muhammad Nur Akbar Rasyid, M.Ed, Ph.D as well as the speaker. The team consist of English and Literature Department's lecturers as well as several lecturers from other departments are expected to maximize their time and performance so that they can immediately finish the self-evaluation sheet. Also attending Dr. A. Ibrahim. M.Hum as Deputy Dean 1  of Adab and Humanities Faculty, at the same time instructed that during February the entire team could work on completing the LED so that it could be further evaluated. In addition, the spirit of the team, motivation and assistance from faculty leaders will greatly assist the process of completing the accreditation forms, therefore it requires synergy and cooperation from all components of Adab and Humanities Faculty  so that English and Literature Department can get excellent accreditation. 

By. Nirwana, M.Pd.